Emotional Realignment – Hypnotherapy – NLP


  Rhonda Kauiers

Rhonda specialises in performance and result driven holistic coaching. She is a practitioner in Time Line Therapy ™, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced EQUIP Processes, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  plus she also specializes in a breakthrough process specifically designed for women which is a conscious/unconscious, deep inner-wisdom technique using creative imagination and visualisation.  All these processes are fast, non-invasive and results driven which will leave you feeling whole, complete, worthy and in turn will raise your level of emotional intelligence.

Rhonda has mastered her training to help rid you of overwhelming negative emotions, not just manage with the same old strategies but to free you from them, enabling you to actually be free, to live a life of abundance, feeling content and confident. You will learn to trust your own heart, stimulate your unconscious intelligence and love your true self.

Achieve results quickly for:

  • Anxiety, depression, panic attacks
  • Fears & phobias – flying, needles, snakes small spaces…..
  • Overeating, smoking, fingernail biting, IBS, PTSD …..
  • Overcome and heal past traumatic events
  • Learn to successfully deal with and manage negative moods such as anger, sadness, hurt, guilt, worries, grief, self-doubt and whatever may be holding you back from being the best YOU!


For one on one consult designed just for you


Contact Rhonda 0428516335 or info@sacredfigretreats.com.au

“One can, you know make change, it is done… do this for yourself.”