Balance in life is the key to happiness, and through the hectic lifestyles we all lead, this sometimes gets forgotten or pushed aside as we rush to keep on top of things. Taking a step back to escape and regroup is often all we need to reconnect with the simple things in life; good nutritious meals, relaxation and well-earned time out to name a few.

The ‘Sacred Fig’, also known as the Bodhi Tree, is a symbol of the transition to a life of greater awareness. It was beneath this tree that Siddhartha Guatama attained his supreme enlightenment becoming Buddha more than 2500 years ago. To this day the Sacred Fig plays an enormous role in offering a place of meditation, a place where others too can find enlightenment. Sacred Fig Retreats endeavours to make your retreat experience one that will stay with you well into the future.

Sacred Fig are currently offering escapes in Broome and Guilderton in Western Australia and Phuket, Thailand. We provide a sanctuary for those seeking lifestyle changes, rejuvenation and relaxation. We offer a wide range of retreats, each having its own unique program. Our services include detox programs, Yoga, Meditation, healthy vegetarian cuisine, nutrition focused cooking classes and relaxation. We also offer a range of therapies including massage, Bowen therapy, Reiki, Chakra Sound Therapy, Osteopathy plus an array of spa therapies using luxurious organic & natural products, all performed by experienced professionals.

So whether you are after lasting changes or are just in need for some time out, Sacred Fig will strive to ensure your experience will help lead you to a life of optimal health and well being.